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Lost Craftsmanship- Handmade books in Chiang Mai

I meet Nun while exploring Chiang Mai and was blown away by her store where she handmade books in Chiang Mai..  I spent the afternoon hanging out at the craft store, looking around like a kid in the candy store.  Looking through all the different handmade books.  Examining them, the details, craftsmanship and the precision of each detail.  It was clear this was something she made with pride.  If you have seen my other work, you know I love handmade things and a creative process.  I was able to shoot some video quickly to capture some of this lost craftsmanship.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and be sure to drop by Dibdee Binder if you are ever in Chiang Mai!


Here’s a short video showcasing what I experienced the first time I met her.


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