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Exploring what makes Tiong Bahru Market Amazing!

Tiong Bahru Market is one of the most famous wet markets and hawker centers in Singapore.  Nested in one of the oldest estates of Singapore where some homes predate World War II, Tiong Bahru has become one of the trendy neighborhoods because of how well they mix the old with the new.  You’ll find modern cafe and restaurants but the main attraction is the wet market and hawker food center.  Living in the Tiong Bahru neighborhood, I’ve become a common face with the stall owners and thought I’d shoot a video based on how I saw the market everyday.  From buying fresh fruits and vegetables to the butchers and seafood vendors, everyone always has a smile on their face and are ready to greet you. The second floor is where you’ll find amazing local food at affordable prices.  Almost everything is great but my favorites are the Prawn Noodles, Chicken Rice, Fishball Soup and Char Sew.  You can check out this interactive guide to the market to find everything that’s offered.

Check out the video below and please let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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