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In today’s world, video content is king. YouTube is the second largest search engine and Facebook is prioritizing videos content over text and photos. People are spending more time watching videos than they are spending on pictures and text combined. Video is engaging; it transports viewers to a new place and helps them visualize what it would be like to visit a place or activity.

I am Robert, the creative director at Another Traveler. I’ve been helping businesses around the world capture the attention of their customers online. My clients are keen to grow their bottom line and know the value that video content can bring in capturing and converting potential customers. It helps tell the full story in HD, vividly and enticing so they can get excited and at ease knowing exactly what to expect.

I get it, video is something companies would love to have more of but either don’t have the time or the money for it. Is this something that might be going through your mind? Trust me, you are not alone thinking this way. But the reality of today is that video content is growing to be the new form of media that everyone is getting their information through. Waiting around for the stars to align is not the best strategy. Starting the conversation around video content and figuring out how you can adapt quickly is.

What I can help you with:

Video marketing strategy and conceptualizing for maximum benefits
Storytelling and storyboarding
Filming and editing

If you are a hotel owner/ manager:
Showcasing property, room layouts, amenities and locations
Special event coverage
Improve online ratings and reviews

If you are a restaurant owner/ manager:
Show your guests what the experience of eating at your restaurant will feel like.
Displaying your unique selling points effectively  i.e.. local farming/ garden, food prep, experience, etc
Improve online ratings and reviews

If you are a small business owner:
Showcasing your craft – hand-made products, special processes, unique items,what makes your store unique.
Promotional videos


“Robert is an amazing videographer and editor. We are very happy with the Video he did for our DNX CAMP Koh Lanta. He is very professional, reliable and stuck to our schedule. We will work with Robert for further projects for sure and can highly recommend him”
Marcus & Felicia

“Working with Robert was superb! I had a lot of fun working with him. He proved his passion about videography with a very professional attitude towards his work. Robert was not just shooting some footage, he literally turned into a director with  creative ideas and we still managed to have a lot of laughs at the same time. He put in a lot of extra work even without asking for it. I would work with him anytime again!”
Nick Martin

Sample Videos:


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