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Graffiti Street Art along Klang River – Kuala Lumpur

Finding local creative artist in the cities we visit in one our passions.  While we were in Kuala Lumpur we were able to find graffiti street art along the Klang River right off of the Pasar Seni LRT station.  Coming from Miami, the street art in Kuala Lumpur reminded me a lot of the Wynwood street art area.  We ended up getting off of the train and exploring the area.  I’m glad we did.  Here are a few pictures from our exploration of the Sungai Klang Art Gallery.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

You get a glimpse of the street art as you cross the bridge over the river. The Pasar Seni LRT stop in the background.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

We saw a few people walking along the river so we decided to find a way down…

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

You really notice the pride Malaysians have for their city and country.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

“Wall art of musician Yuna

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

After making it down to the river, we noticed a local photo shoot going on. It was pretty cool to stumble upon this as it was happening.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

A local posing in front of the “Malaysian Heroes”.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala LumpurGraffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

More graffiti along the Klang River.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

“I Love Color”. This was one of my favorite murals. It really shows how Malaysians are trying to build their country using art and creativity.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala LumpurGraffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

City skyline behind the street art along Klang River.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

The locals having the photo shoot are now trying to get their car out of the river. They had to drive through some patches of grass to get it out.

Graffiti Street Art Kuala Lumpur

A view again from the Pasar Seni LRT Station.

After doing some research about the area, we found out they host an annual street festival along the Klang River where graffiti artiest come and create beautiful street art along the walls and floor.  Here’s a cool video we found covering the two day wall art competition from 2012.  

Which city have you enjoyed the street art the most in?  Has there been any places you visited that surprised you with the amount of art they had?

  • Shuqi Hu

    This is really another traveler. Your pictures are amazingly good!

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  • Devon Evans

    I was engrossed in Christchurches graffitti while i was traveling there.

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  • Vanessa Teo

    May i ask, how did you get down there? Apart from the ladder is there any way down? My friends and i we tried to find another way down but failed. How did the car went down?

    • Hi Vanessa!

      We climbed down the ladder to get down there but there is also a ramp further down the road along the main street next to the river. That’s how the car got down there. Sucks you couldn’t make it down. Hope you can go back sometime soon!

  • Ramon Hoffman

    Tried to go here today.
    There are several places to go down, one is behind the pasar sini station. Cross the river and there you can go down on your right.

    The place is under construction and most of the graffiti is gone..

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