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Another Traveler – A New Perspective on Travel

Another Traveler - Robert and ToniMy wife Toni and I, Robert Sepulveda, launched Another Traveler in 2011 as a creative outlet to showcase stories, photography and videos from around the world. We aim to transport you, our readers, from their homes around the world to far away places that you dream of visiting. Another Traveler provides a glimpse of what it would be like to visit a place, experience it for yourself and gives you the information you need to know to explore the world by yourself.

Who’s behind Another Traveler?

Originally from Miami Florida,  Toni and I left the comforts of our home to follow our passion to explore new countries and different cultures. We have been based in Asia for the past 3 years and have had the opportunity to travel to over 30 countries for both business and pleasure. Together, we produce amazing digital content for companies from local establishments to multinational corporations.

While not editing digital content for clients, you can find us diving 30 meters below sea level, volunteering at animal shelters or enjoying a nice cocktail at a local lounge.

Create with Another Traveler.

We help companies tell their story using digital media. In today’s online world, video is the fastest growing digital medium. Photos and text are also effective but we find more clients asking for video and motion graphics. Contact us or check out our Create with us page to learn more how we can help you effectively communicate with your audience online.

Another Traveler - Robert and Toni

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